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a conducts definite deep space activities under limited conditions, reflecting China strong national strength and symbolizing

ial life In technical economy:  New concept launch vehicles  Remote data transmission and communication ᠐▓1; New fields of automatic control and navigation  Unconventional materials  Microwave/millimeter wave transmission and re

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ability of China space industry. ▓Chinese leaders at all levels and various government departments have been paying great attention to Chang鈥檈 Program in the process of its approval and development. Premier Wen Jiabao▓ of the State Council approved

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Chang鈥檈 Program in early 2004 and has been paying close attention to its progress. He has made many specific and clear instructions for the Program. At the beginning of preparations for the Program, then Premier Zhu Rongji had made clear instructions, and Li Jinai, member of the Central Military Commission and then Director ▓of PLA General Equipment Department, wrote an inscription for the Program: 鈥淒evelop lunar exploration and make brilliant achievements in ▓space once again.鈥?Liu Jibin, the former Minister of Commission of Science, Technology and Industry▓ for National Defense (COSTIND), gave an instruction to establish a leading group for program preparations for government approval. Zhang Yunchuan, Minis▓ter of COSTIND and the Head of Leading Group for China

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Lunar▓ Orbiter Project, has made great efforts to establis▓hing program management system and strengthening technical tackling, technical manag▓ement and quality control for the Program. Through close cooperation, various depa▓rtments responsible for the concrete projects of the Program such as PLA General Equipment Department, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and China Aerospace Science and T▓echnology Corporation (CASC), have made great contributions to Chang鈥檈 Program. China

space community will justify the great trust placed in us▓ by our country and people and work hard to make Chang鈥檈-1 Project get a complete success, dedicated to our homeland and the 50th anniversary of China space industry. BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) -- China's State Council, the cabinet, has said innovation in science and technology will improve the nation's competi▓tiveness in the world stage. Scientific and technological innovation could solve major scientific and technical issues that concerned the country's overall situation and long-term develop▓ment, sai

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d a statement released after a regular meeting of the State Council Wednesday. During the meeting, an official from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) delivered a report on the implementation of the "Knowledge Innovation Program" (KIP), which aims to ▓make the academy a world-leading base for scientific

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  • roblem to create an anaerobi▓c survivable environment, and its necessary technical domain is beyond the ▓efforts we have ever made in Earth to overcome all the survivable extremes. T
  • his lunar base will have the abilities such as human living environme▓nt, scientific experiment, plant cu
  • ltivation, human exercise, outdoor work site, information
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